Number one 

Catahoula leopard dogs go by several names it took some time for the Catahoula enthusiasts to come up with a final decision for the name of this breed other names for this breed include leper dog leopard Kerr Catahoula hound Catahoula hog dog and Catahoula Curup to this day you can hear some people call them by these names the united kennel club Ukc officially recognized this breed under the name Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog while the American kennel club AKC foundation stock service registered this name under the Catahoula leopard dog.

Number two 

Catahoula leopard dogs are excellent competitors in sled dog racing in Canada Catahoula may not be as popular and significant as other breeds outside us but gradually they're being welcomed outside their native country sled dogs are usually thick-coated such as Akitas and huskies so you wouldn't expect this breed to be a sled dog despite their single short coat catholic are great sled dog competitors may be due to their athletic body, as a matter of fact, one sledding fans here described this breed as having a drive and power like he has never seen before.

Number three 

the Catahoula leopard dog is Louisiana's state dog in 1979 then-governor Edwin Edwards named the Catahoula as the official state dog of Louisiana that is expected since Catahoula's originated from northern Louisiana where you can find the church where the breed took its name.

Number four 

Catahoula leper dogs have webbed feet we know Catahoula's because of their unique coat pattern as well as captivating eye colors however if we look closely we can see that the Catahoula have webbed feet it may be common for dog breeds but the Catahoula webbed feet extend much more than normal this unique physical trait gave them an edge to be excellent hunting dogs in water as well as giving them the capability to be a good swimmer.

Number five 

Catahoula leper dogs are popular in fictional books and dramas maybe it's because of their appearance but catalase is commonly used by writers who write a mystery in crime fiction genres this breed appeared in the plot of veronica mars episode in had its comeback after eight years when it appeared in the crime drama titled ones their appearance doesn't end there in south vampire mysteries novel was written by the American author Charlene harris terry before one of the novel's characters owns Catahoula leopard dogs however in the book's tv adaptation true blood the character does not have a dog.

Number six 

some Catahoula leper dogs are capable of climbing a tree this breed has long charred hard nails making them adeptly able to climb a tree combined with their strong hunting instinct cat hulas can easily take down prey may it be on land water or up in the tree because of this ability they're also popularly known as a cat-dog.

Number seven 

Catahoula leper dogs have an average lifespan we know that most media to large dog breeds have a short lifespan but Catahoula can live from 10 to 14 years in fact properly cared cat hula may live up to 16 years to prolong your dog's life it is essential to provide him with his basic needs as well as love and affection from his family you also need to be aware of the health conditions your dog may develop for Catahoula you may want to look out for tunnel vision hearing loss blindness hip dysplasia and cancer have your dog regularly checked by a veterinarian to address these health conditions.

Number eight 

Catahoula leper dogs were originally bred to hunt and kill hogs one of their names is Catahoula hog dog not because they look like one but because they're good at killing them it is believed that when people first settled in Louisiana the whole land was occupied by wild hogs the white settlers then came up with solutions wild dogs to create a new breed that is particularly responsible for hunting Hogsthen the earliest Catahoula leopard dogs were born.

Number nine 

the Catahoula leper dog has three breed varieties these breed types differ in weight and physical appearance the biggest variety was the one developed by Preston wright the right line dogs under this line weigh around 45kilograms, on the other hand, the variety developed by lovey Fairbanks weighs about 31 kilograms the coat color of this line is either yellow or brindle the last variety is the smallest of them the McMillan these dogs weigh about 25 kilograms with blue leopard coloring dogs under this variety have prominent glass eyeball these varieties have been interbred to produce a dog with varied size and images.

Number 10 

Catahoula leopard dogs are believed to be a cross of various breeds the story of the Catahoula leper dog is sketchy there are many theories as to what breeds are mixed together to create them what we know is that they have genes of native wild dogs that are kept by the Choctaw people it is said that these wild dogs are crossed with bloodhounds greyhounds mastiffs beer crowns and red wolves to create Catahoula leopard dogs.

Number eleven 

a well-trained Catahoula leopard dog makes excellent friends with kids despite being a hunting dog a well-trained cat hula is calm and gentle towards children they have high energy levels making them the best playmates for your kids although all children k-9 interaction should be supervised.

Number 12 

Catahoula leopard dogs are great protectors when you decided to own a Catahoula you didn't just gain a canine companion but you also earned an excellent defender cad rulers are capable of protecting you against burglars and intruders keep in mind that they do not thrive outdoors or at the kennel instead they need to be close to their human family in order to defend them from anything they perceived as a danger just like every other dog this breed needs early socialization they're naturally hunting dogs and with their big size they can be a source of threat or intimidation among people so it is important that they are exposed to various environments people and animals in order to grow to be a well-behaved and calm dog however this won't fully get rid of their nature to be hunters you may still see them chasing off smaller animals from time to time so make sure to keep them on a leash when walking and provide them with a securely fenced yard overall Catahoula leopard dogs make amazing pets and defenders i do hope that these facts made you love Catahoula's even more.