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the Maltipoo dog has not considered a breed per se it's the combination of the Maltese and the poodle out of the need for the hypoallergenic coat of the poodle and the personality of the Maltese no one has stepped up to claim the real origin of the breed so people rely on the combination of the histories of both breeds the Maltese are one of the most ancient dog breeds to live on the planet its oldest records date back to 50 bc with references to both ancient greek and roman literature the poodle, on the other hand, has been around since the 15th century, however they only became popular in the 18th century the poodle is the name given to three dog breeds namely the toy miniature and the standard poodle each can be used to breed with a Maltese but breeders prefer the toy or miniature ones so that they can achieve a small size seeing the history of the Maltipoo's roots we can infer that they're the descendants of two of the oldest breeds on the planet although they're still gaining popularity it's impossible not to love them once you see the other names the Maltipoo also known as the Maltese poodle is known by many names it includes Maltipoo moodle multi pro malt oodles and Maltipoos however the latter names of the Maltipoo have disappeared as breeders and other enthusiasts refuse to use it.


since Maltipoo's are a cross between a poodle and a Maltese their size and weight could vary depending on their parents generally Maltipoos grow up to 14 inches and can weigh up to 20 pounds plus these creatures can live up to 15 years seeing their size and weight wouldn't it look amazing to have them as companion dogs you can carry them around like living stuffed toys so you can enjoy wonderful journeys together.


generally, the Maltipoo breed is outgoing active, and friendly they enjoy going on walks and playing with their owners the positive traits of a Maltipoo including their gentle and loving nature can be fostered through positive reinforcement techniques such as rewarding them with treats when they do a great job it also includes praising them and hugging them when they follow your orders however don't make the mistake of casually giving them treats. the Maltipoo is prone to a personality issue called the small dog syndrome it's a human-induced behavioral issue that makes them feel that they are the boss if your Maltipoo develops this syndrome it will start becoming a picky eater it will display negative traits such as obsessive barking and chewing of accessories plus they can be overly jealous this is why you have to reinforce a positive attitude as early as possible.

Pet compatibility 

the Maltipoo breed doesn't like being around rowdy animals much they hate it when other dogs get too playful around them to the point that their hair gets pulled or they get pushed into corner handlers believe that a Maltipoo has a higher chance of getting along with other dogs if they've lived together for at least 4 months so if you're planning to have a multi pro at home but have overly playful dogs don't leave them home alone one could become more aggressive and hurt the other.


since these dogs are a mix between the poodle and the Maltese their temperament can be unpredictable some might possess the activeness of the poodle or the docile nature of the Maltese but if you want to foster both you can raise them to possess all of these traits all it takes is training and socialization with consistency in handling this dog you can raise loving patient and charming companions family life when it comes to being a great family pet. the Maltipoo is ideal for big and small families they are very charismatic and intelligent they can thrive in any environment even if you live inside an apartment without a backyard they can easily adjust to this living setup however if you were to care for a Maltipoo make sure you give them their exercise needs a short walk in the neighborhood shouldn't put a dent on your busy schedule.

children compatibility 

without proper socialization, the Maltipoo is not as easy going and playful around children they don't like it when their hair gets pulled or when they get subject to rough play before you let your dog hang out with your children you have to let the Maltipoo adjust to the behavior of the child first conversely instruct your children not to taunt the dog by pulling its hair or its tail it might get aggressive.

Owning a Maltipoo

despite having a low shedding potential the maltipoo breeds need more time for its coat regular grooming is necessary to keep their fur healthy and tangle free it's also important to focus on the hair around their eyes that could potentially poke them without intervention it could affect their vision in the long run don't forget to keep their ears clean and dry this prevents ear mites and ear infections also keep their nails trimmed regularly to avoid painful protrusions experts believe that the maltipoo is prone to periodental disease so brush their teeth regularly with a vet approved brush and toothpaste to maintain dental health like any other dog the multiple breeds need regular visits to the vet for checkups vaccination and consultations this helps ensure the prevention of common dog illnesses such as kennel cough and heartworm in addition the vet can recommend a proper diet for the dog this keeps them healthy and happy companions if you plan to have a multipoo have at least eight hundred to nine hundred dollars for their food vet visits and other needs there you have it not only is the maltipoo breed gentle and affectionate they are also intelligent and highly trainable if you're planning to have a dog make sure you can offer your time and effort to cater to their physical emotional and psychological needs do you think you can handle a multi-boo if so there's nothing stopping you from having one of the most loving designer breeds on the earth.