Hello everyone and welcome back to Brightmonde, Today we have a new topic to talk about, we have to breeds of dogs and we will know which Breed is Better | Labrador VS Pitbull - Which Breed Is Better?

1) The Labrador has an immense reputation to live up to its seen as one of the smartest and most loyal dog companions in the whole world along with the golden retriever they're seen as the perfect family dog on the other hand pit bulls are sometimes seen as stubborn and uncooperative dogs it doesn't help that they have such an imposing appearance, but truth be told these guys are very similar and can be just as loving as any other dog. 

all Labrador breeds come from Newfoundland in Canada these guys were popular among fishermen and you would have seen them running around the docks taking bites of fish or helping a fisherman pull in some nets from the boat the fishermen love their Labradors because they were so well-behaved and playful they made a living out in the rough seas a little bit better. who wouldn't want to have a little lab smile at you and wag its tail? 

eventually, English nobles who visited Newfoundland wanted to bring the Labrador back to England the rest is history and every one since then has always wanted to have a Labrador in their house.

2) The pitbull story isn't as happy as the Labrador, there are many different kinds of Pitbulls like the American pit bull or the bull terrier whatever they might be called all Pitbulls come from Britain they were bred from old English bulldogs which were used to fight giant bulls. eventually, dogfighting became popular and dog breeders needed something more athletic than the Bulldog they cross-bred Bulldogs with Terriers it combined the speed and agility of the terrier with the aggressive nature of the Bulldog thankfully dogfighting is banned and we won't see this horrible practice ever again pit bulls can now live peacefully with their owners and be cared for as all dogs should be.

3) Labradors aren't that big. the males can grow as tall as 24 and a half inches while the females go up to 23 and a half inches males would weigh around 80 pounds while the females go up to 70 they're medium-sized and many people would say that they're the perfect balance between small and cute too large and cool while there are different types of Pitbulls all over the world the American Pit Bull is a good breed to base their sizes off of male Pitbulls would grow as tall as 21 inches while the females would grow up to only 20 in terms of weight the males can be as heavy as 60 pounds while the females usually go up to 50.

 they're very similar to the Labrador but just slightly smaller what they lack in size they make up for in muscle almost all pitbull breeds are famous for having very large and powerful muscles these little guys aren't pushovers and can easily wrestle bigger dogs down.

4) both dogs have tons of energy. the Labrador would love to run around in the park all day playing fetch if you have kids running around in the house rest assured that the Labrador can keep them busy the whole afternoon, Pitbulls muscles aren't just for show remember that dog breeders bred Bulldogs with terriers so that they'll be more energetic dogfighting will always be cruel and inhumane but you can't deny that these dog breeders knew what they were doing all pitbull breeds can play with you all day sometimes a small walk might not even enough make sure you make enough time for a game of fetch or bring them along with you for your morning jog.

5) personality-wise. a lot of people know that the Labrador is one of the best family dogs in the world they're not wrong a breed standard describes the Labrador as gentle kind eater to pleased and nonaggressive, they just don't have a bad bone in their body you won't have to worry about them biting guests or barking at threatening strangers they see on the street they might just smile and wag its tail a bit they're known to be one of the friendliest dogs in the world the breed standard says that the ideal temperament would be kind gentle eager to please and non-aggressive it also says that they're intelligent and adaptable overall the ideal dog.

pit bulls aren't as popular as the Labrador they don't get the same reputation so they aren't seen as the best dog to have around in the house but actually, a lot of experts believe that the pitbull would make for an amazing family dog, the United Kennel Club UKF described the American pit bull as strong and confident.

6) they are eager to please their owners, and are great with kids while some dogs might get tired of a young kid's antics a pitbull is strong and bulky enough to have little children right on its back or cling to a flag having kids poke and prod would feel like they're being tickled.

so why do pit bulls have such a bad reputation when compared with the Labrador? the main answer is that most owners of pit bulls don't know how to take care of their dogs a pit bull can sometimes love its owner too much and can be a bit over-expressive they'll run around and bark loud but all they really want to do is play inexperienced owners don't know what to do and might ignore and tie up their pit bull to keep it at bay can you imagine how it must feel to tell someone you love them so much only to be ignored it must be painful and because of that most pit bulls become antisocial and aggressive towards people and other dogs our dogs will behave in the way that we treat it if you give your dog a lot of love and attention they'll return it back by protecting you and making sure that you're happy as well all dog breeds have the potential to be loving and caring companion they're just that amazing it's up to us as owners to take care of our little buddies and be the best owners we could possibly be.