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the Cavapoo breed originated in Australia in the 1900s it started when the breeders wanted to combine the intelligence of the poodle and the sporty nature of the cavalier king Charles spaniel thankfully the meticulous breeding of these two breeds was a success it created one of the most hypoallergenic dogs the Cavapoo because of these traits. 

the Cavapoo instantly gained popularity worldwide its cuteness and playfulness have won the hearts of so many Australian families it didn't take long when the Cavapoo crossed over the seas and to spread joy to other countries.

Other names 

being a crossbreed the Cavaboo's name is a blend of its parent's names in other countries they are called Cavadoodle some even call them Cavoodles whatever the name people call them you just know how outstanding they are as lapdogs who wouldn't want to have this breed.


the Cavapoo's size ranges from small to medium this depends on the size of their parents on average both the males and the females grow up to 14 inches and weighs from 9 to 25 pounds the Cavapoo is one of the longest living dog breeds while other dog breeds only live up to 10 years Cavapoos can live up to 12 to 15 years this is the ultimate life companion that will give you the happiness you deserve.


Cavapoos are affectionate creatures who are eager for attention, they are intelligent and agile making them very trainable for agility and obedience competitions the kava food's need for attention makes them clamor for a sense of purpose they have the need to impress their owners to gather praise and treats being bred as a companion dog Cavapoos cannot tolerate being alone these loving dogs need constant attention and care did you know that they experience separation anxiety when they don't see their owners for too long if they don't receive ample time to play they can exhibit destructive behaviors when left alone this includes biting chewing and digging this is why experts recommend training the Cavapoo as early as possible this helps them suppress their disruptive behaviors and displace it into more positive activities so even when you leave them at home alone you won't worry about the damage they inflict.

Pet compatibility 

Cavapoos are very sociable and tend to get along with anybody including other pets this makes them great home buddies they respond positively and reciprocate love and care but before you leave them alone with other animals see that they are properly socialized first this helps both dogs adjust to one another's attitudes to prevent any mishaps between the two these dogs do not do well when kenneled they don't thrive inside cages because they'll feel anxious and left out especially without training and attention expect that they will grow up having behavioral issues they prefer living and being with their owners this way they can show their loving and caring nature which to them is their lifelong goal.


the energy levels of the Cavapoo can range from low to medium on good days they can be very goofy and playful other times they just want to lie on the couch if you're looking for a guard dog this breed is not for you they don't have a strong barking tendency plus they do not incline towards aggression however like any other dog they need training to suppress their stubbornness intelligent as they are the Cavaboo is more sensitive compared to other dog breeds so training them requires a more gentle approach choose a training ground with fewer distractions to cater to their short attention span experts recommend positive reinforcements like giving them treats and belly rubs for a job well done with patience. and determination you can unleash the full potential of the Cavapoo to become sweet and loving life companions family life Cavapoos are highly adaptable they can fit in any environment as long as they are given attention if you're planning to have this dog you need to spend more time on their needs spend at least 15 to 30 minutes for walks and plays this is essential to exercise their bodies and promote socialization don't worry all that time and effort for them is completely worth it will be like caring for an acute and fluffy family member with their sweet attitude you won't even feel tired of caring for them.

children compatibility 

caring for a pet teaches youngsters compassion and responsibility this is why parents choose dogs that make excellent pets for children it includes the Cavapoo because of their sweet nature kids can easily play and cuddle with them without irritating the pup in fact the Cavapoo loves it when children can't get enough of them conversely the child will have a friend and companion to hug and hold every day this living companionship makes the Cavapoo ideal for families with children 

Owning a Cavapoo 

Cavapoos are prone to weight gain so you have to limit their food intake and promote exercise if they get too heavy they are prone to various illnesses such as hip dysplasia despite popular belief the Cavapoo does not need special food as long as they get the proper nutrition it's enough for them to maintain a healthy body if you plan to get a Cavaboo and you live in a warm area please keep them hydrated don't let them stay too long in the sun especially during the summer Cavapoos have short muzzles which make it harder for them to regulate their body heat this makes them prone to heat stress and heat stroke grooming a Cavapoo may take much of your time their coat needs weekly brushings to remove tangles sometimes it can even be matted with dirt. but it's not something that a good bath and trimming can't remove take them to the groomer at least every four to six weeks to maintain their lush and healthy coat while Cavapoos are generally healthy most of them inherit the health problems of their parents these include congenital heart attacks dental problems progressive retinal atrophy and slipping kneecaps regular veterinary checkups can help keep them healthy owning a Cavapoo can cost you 500 to 700 u.s smaller dogs cost less in maintenance since they also eat less however you need to have cash on hand for their vet visits and grooming needs. the Cavapoo's sweet appearance and kind temperament make them the rising stars of family dogs if you think you can give them what they need there's no stopping you from getting the best family dog there is remember this dog loves giving warm hugs like Olaf if you want to have a sweet affectionate and caring companion the Cavapoo is the best choice.