Hi everyone and Welcome back to Brightmonde. Today we will share with you some Amazing Facts about Bernedoodle dog. Bernedoodle Dog Breed Guide | What People Love About The Bernedoodle.


Sherry Rupke of swiss ridge kennel in Switzerland prides herself on raising the first Bernadoodle in 2003. however, experts have no idea if there is any accidental offspring of the poodle and Bernie's mountain dog before this year turkey wanted to raise a companion dog that possesses the cunning and loving nature of the poodle and the happy and cuddly traits of Bernie's mountain dog she also wanted to achieve a hypoallergenic coat for asthmatic people this is when she tried breeding these two dogs, fortunately, the offspring possessed the traits they wanted and more this paved their way to fame a few years later,

other names, the Bernadoodle is also known as the Bernese mountain poo in some cultures whatever they're called you'll know they're one of the best companion dogs that display goofy and intelligent nature the best part is they have the longest spans that can reach up to 18 years what better way to spend a huge portion of your life than with a loving and cuddly companion.


 since this dog is a cross between two breeds its size and appearance may vary depending on what it inherits Bernadoodles come in three sizes namely tiny miniature and standards tiny burner doodles grow from 12 to 17 inches and can weigh up to 10 to 24 pounds miniature-sized Bernadoodles, on the other hand, can grow up to 18 to 22 inches and weigh up to 25 to 49 pounds lastly standard-sized Bernadoodles can grow up to 29 inches and can weigh up to 90 pounds whatever size you want every Bernadoodle to possess the traits you're looking for in a dog.


the Bernadoodle can either inherit the charming and easygoing nature of the poodle or the happy and cuddly trait of Bernie's mountain dog however they developed personalities on their own these dogs turned out to be goofy loyal and trainable you don't see this combination every day this is one of the factors that make them unique and loved by many.

Pet compatibility

when it comes to friendliness and compatibility with other pets the Bernadoodle is rated four out of five by experts while they easily adjust to the rowdy behavior of other animals there are instances when they get irritated it happens when other dogs play rough this is why early socialization is necessary to help them subdue their aggressive and dominant tendencies temperament Bernadoodles are bred for companionship hence they cannot tolerate being alone whenever they get bored or anxious they can display their feelings through destructive behaviors such as chewing digging and biting they need constant attention and exercise to keep their mind and body at their peak according to early breeders these dogs are stubborn as puppies they inherited this from the Bernese mountain dogs it is recommended to train and socialize them as early as possible to keep negative behaviors at bay and to unleash their full potential.

family life 

as family members, they are amazing companions they love attention so much that they will impress you just to give them praise and treats they might not be bred as show dogs but deep inside they have an innate ability to showcase their skills and talents so if you're going to adopt a Bernadoodle you have to understand its needs not only does it need food and shelter but also love affection and bonding time you could make them your couch buddies talk to them act as if you're talking to a friend so they can understand you because they can and they will they may not speak their minds out as humans do but they will display their empathy through other actions that's what the world loves about the Bernadoodle they offer affection love and care in the simplest ways.

children compatibility 

these dogs are playful and welcoming to children however since they are dainty and fragile you have to instruct your children never to play rough with the Bernadoodle this will help prevent injuries and accidents these dogs thrive well as cuddle buddies and couch buddies but they don't do well with rough play if the Bernadoodle gets hurt it could snap at the children so it is important to let them socialize with one another to learn how to bond and how to adjust to each other's temperament.

Owning a Bernadoodle 

the poodle and the bernese mountain dog is prone to a variety of health issues luckily the bernadoodle has fewer health problems the only thing you need to watch out for is hip and elbow dysplasia eye problems skin issues and allergies these can be prevented through proper care aside from their diet they also need exercise spend at least 15 minutes a day to walk or play with them to help them tone their muscles and keep them satisfied if you're new to being a fur parent visit the vet for a schedule of vaccines and checkups this ensures that your dog gets all the care he needs from here your vet can suggest activities and products you can apply to keep your pooch healthy and safe also he or she can teach you the proper way to groom your bernadoodle to keep their hair lush and tangle free the cost of caring for a bernadoodle varies depending on its size larger dogs eat more to sustain their physical growth so you're going to need more money to feed their needs at most you'll spend 500 to 700 yearly for this dog costly as it may seem this dog does not replace the happiness and satisfaction they offer you do you think you can care for a bernadoodle if so there's no stopping you from getting one of the most intelligent cunning and talented dogs on the planet.