Hi Everyone and Welcome back to Our Blog, Today guys we have for you a new issue that any cat owner should know to have a good, You need to know your cat very well. what they need, or are they fine, and to know that you need to understand your cat's body language. so her is What Your Cats Sleeping Position Reveal About Their Health and Personality

Number 1 Curled up

This is the most common sleeping position for any mammals, including cats when your cat sleeps like this, they are trying to keep themselves warm and protect their vital organs from any potential danger.

Number 2 Sleeping sideways

If your cat sleeps on one side with their limbs stretched out it means your cat is content with her life, and feeling safe cats in this sleeping position, usually fall into a deep sleep for hours your cat is also trying to cool down by venting heat.

Number 3 Three bellies up 

A variation of sleeping sideways is the belly up sleeping position, if your cat is sleeping with their belly fully exposed in the open they are feeling very relaxed, they are not really worried about their surroundings this house is their territory, there is really nothing for them to be worried about nicely done you have created an awesome environment where your kitty feels confident enough to sleep like this.

Number 4 Cat in a box.

who doesn't adore a kitty sleeping in a box the cuteness is out of this world when you find your kitty hide in a door behind a sofa or under a bed, you may feel perplexed as to why your cat sleeps there a cat actively seeking an enclosed space to sleep in often means they are worried about their safety and they feel like they need to be protected and they need to hide in order to feel safe perhaps there is a stranger in the house or a new dog or even just a new toy cats really don't like changes and it will take the time to get used to anything new it may take days weeks even months. 

Number 5 The loaf position.

your cat puts their paws just in front of their body and dozes off a cat will choose this sleeping position when they really just want a short nap rather than a long sleep they are storing the energy they need for the next activity and they are ready to get up if there is anything coming their way.

Number 6 Light sleeping.

your cat sleeps with either one eye open and the other closed or both eyes barely closed her ears move from time to time listening to its surroundings this shallow form of sleeping is a natural sleeping state for most cats you'll find it difficult to sneak up on your cat when she is in this state of sleeping in the wild, they need to be constantly alert to their surroundings their instincts tell them to sleep like this maybe you live close to the street and cars are always driving by or there are dogs always barking outside or there are simply too many people in your household so your cat feels like they need to be constantly on alert how does your cat sleep be your kitty sleep in any position we mentioned or are there any sleeping positions that we missed let us know down below in the comment section.

Number 7 Pour over their eye.

Okay so this one is possibly the cutest sleeping position either this one or kitty in a box they are all extremely adorable anyway, cats put paws over their eyes most commonly during daytime when the light is too bright for them it could also mean that your cat doesn't want to be bothered while she's sleeping.

Number 8 Monorail cat.

your cat is sleeping with their paws dangling below like a monorail this is a common sleeping position for cats in the wild you will often see this sleeping position if your cat is resting on the sofa arms or on a table, they are just chilling again feeling content and relaxed nothing out of the ordinary 

Number 9 The contortionist position.

A cat's body is extremely flexible your cat may just happen to be in this position after hours of sleep it may look weird from our perspective but there's nothing to worry about and there you have it nine common cat sleeping positions.