Hello everybody, welcome back to your Blog Brightmonde, do you feel like your kitty loves you, or does it feel like they simply tolerate you. We all love our pets and we want them to do the same thing, so that's why we will talk today about a list of 15 things you must never do to your cat.
Today we are going to discover what you must never do to your cats for this list we have compiled 15 of the most common things people do to there cats and that is harmful to them even endangering their life without knowing it.

Number 1

Do not declaw your feline friend, people often think declawing your cat is a quick fix to unwanted scratching a harmless procedure similar to that of a manicure however this couldn't be further from the truth we put this as the number one thing, you should never do to your cat for a reason you see declawing involves cutting off a segment of the bones attached to their claw if this procedure is done to a human, it's like cutting off the first knuckle of each finger it is a cruel, and inhumane procedure and you should never do it to your cat to better deal with unwanted scratching you can trim your cat's nails get a scratching post, and then train your cat to use those scratching posts by using a reward system it will require patience and effort on the pet owner's part.

Number 2

Do not lift up an adult cat by the back of her neck, you may have seen videos of mama cats carrying their kittens around by the scruffs of their necks the kitten goes limp and this provides easy transport for the kitten scruffing or picking up cats by the back of their neck is a form of control, and sometimes used to discipline kittens, adult cats are far too heavy to be picked up by only scruffing the right way to pick up a cat is with both hands one on your kitty's chest to hold her in place, and the other under his rump to support his weight some cats are shoulder cats they like to climb onto your shoulder and just stay there.

Number 3 

Don't let your cat play with string or yarn, kitties like to play with strings however it is extremely unsafe as they might swallow the strings while playing especially if you're not watching if ingested, the string may become entangled in your kitty's intestines and make her sick it may require surgery to get the strings out or even result in the death of your beloved kitty.

Number 4

Don't bring plants or flowers into your house before checking that they are safe for cats, surprisingly there are quite a few types of plants and flowers that are highly toxic to cats lilies for example are highly poisonous to cats consumption of any part of the lily's, even licking off a few lily pollen grains while grooming and your kitty can develop fatal kidney failure in as little as three days we have also included a list to the plants that are most toxic to cats it is in the description down below.

Number 5

Don't scare your cat, we love pranks and we love watching how others react to pranks however, cats are hypersensitive creatures constantly scaring your cat with a loud noise a cucumber or anything of that nature will cause tremendous amounts of stress to your cat, this can then lead to aggressive behavior as your cat can no longer feel safe in your home.

Number 6

Never punish your cat by hitting them or loudly scolding them, cats are not dogs if a dog is like your obedient firstborn who takes everything you say to heart a cat is more like a rebellious teen that runs away every time you try to punish her the more severe you are with your punishment whether it be verbal or physical the more it will backfire with a cat the cat will simply run away and avoid confrontation to them, you are just too loud and too threatening to deal with cats do not associate punishment with their bad behavior so not only will your message not get through you will also be breaking your bond with your cat. positive reinforcement will always be better for example, if your cat is scratching at a scratching post instead of your furniture reward her with a treat and petter if your cat always jumps on the tables perhaps it is time to get a cat tower, you can also put some catnip on the scratching post and the cat tower to make it more appealing to cats.

Number 7

Don't leave the windows open, cats are curious creatures we know this and they also have superior jumping skills leaving your window open while you are away is asking for disaster to happen your cat may see a bird fly by, and go after it and they may be gone by the time you get home or be seriously hurt depending on how high your place is.

Number 8

Don't play with your cat using your hand, kittens learn everything from their mom since their mom is no longer with them we as kitty parents will take on that role if you play with your kitten with your hand, when she grows up she will see your hand as an acceptable toy to chew the bite and scratch on remember whenever you play with your kitty they see whatever is in front of them as prey that moves around, and becomes accustomed to what's presented to them so a much better alternative is a cat toys or a laser pointer you won't get hurt and they learn the difference between a cat toy and your hand.

Number 9

Don't just feed your cat dry food, dry foods are cheaper and more convenient than wet food many pet owners, therefore, feed only dry food to their cats however cats do need wet food as they need to stay hydrated cats do not get a strong urge to drink water even if they are thirsty, so it is important to occasionally supplement wet food as part of their routine diet a cat not getting enough water on a daily basis will often lead to tooth decay even kidney stones.

Number 10 

Don't free-feed your cat, some people do not have self-control when it comes to indulging themselves with food, so how can you expect cats to have self-control if you leave them with more food than they should eat feline obesity is a real problem, nearly 60 of all cats in us are overweight or obese obesities can cause problems such as diabetes liver disease and arthritis for your cat and their quality of life goes down significantly, so make sure you provide your kitty with the appropriate amount of dry and wet food so they live a healthy and proper life.

Number 11

Don't feed milk to an adult cat, after you wean your kitten you should not give milk to your cat as most cats are lactose intolerant they will get an upset stomach when you give them dairy products even though they seem to enjoy drinking from them a cat does not need milk for her daily nutrition, water will suffice in hydrating her and if you want to indulge your kitty tastily treats will make them very happy.

Number 12 

Don't ignore your cat's changes in behavior unlike dogs, cats are masters at hiding their pains they will not make loud painful sounds to let their owners know they are in pain in fact many pet owners are surprised when they finally take their cat to the vet, and find out there is something seriously wrong with their feline friend sudden aggression loss of appetite spraying or pooping in the house instead of using the litter box even hiding in places, you can't find are all signs your cat is telling you there is something wrong with them you should not ignore these signs and take your kitty to the vet for a checkup immediately.

Number 13 

Don't put off vet visits, for cats eight years old or more subtle signs of aging start to show up it is best to take your cat to a vet every year to check for any potential health problems, the earlier your vet can identify the problem the easier it is to treat them if your cat seems to be healthy with no changes to her activity level it is still recommended you visit your vet before a minor health problem becomes a major one.

Number 14 

Don't let your indoor cat go outside. unsupervised what happens when your indoor cat goes outside, some cats might be curious some confused others frightened leaving your kitty to explore the outside on their own is a bad idea a dog might scare your kitty into traffic, or chase after your kitty or your cat might simply wander too far and lose her way back home anything can happen don't take that chance.

Number 15 

Don't leave your cat by themselves for more than 24 hours, some pet owners may get the impression that cats are independent creatures that can take care of themselves if you give them enough food and water. your cat can last for days without anyone checking up on them, in reality, your cat should get checked on at least every 24 hours they may have tipped over the food or water container or they may have been trapped somewhere without you knowing it you can either have a friend to check on your cat every day or hire a qualified pet sitter.