Hi guys, welcome back to your Blog bright monde dotcom, and today my friend I want to introduce a little guest that will join us today, the Bengal  Cat. and here is Everything You Need to Know about him.

The birth of the Bengal

Bengal cats are a hybrid of domestic cats and leopard cats and happened completely by accident. Looking for a new pet to keep her company, Jean Mill purchased a leopard cat from a local pet store. A few years later she purchased a domesticated male cat to help keep her little female leopard cat company. Jean's domestic and leopard cats mated and the beginning of the Bengal hybrid cat was born. Several Generations of cross-breeding later, today's Bengal cat was created. These cats only look wild. Generations of breeding have made them into the docile, domestic cats we know and love today.


Bengal cats are known for their leopard-like spots and marbled swirls. These markings give them an exotic look, white their temperament is anything but. Bengals are extremely playful and energetic, loving time spent with their human counterparts. They are great cats for families and will show loyalty and affection if given it in return. Bengals are very intelligent cats, sometimes to the frustration and amusement of their owners! These felines are known for turning the light switches on and off, flushing toilets, and opening closed doors. You'll never be bored with a Bengal roaming your home!

They are also Funtastic Hunters.

Don't be surprised to find lots of presents on your doorstep from these creatures! That means that being said, those pet owners with small rodents or bird pets may need to reconsider getting a Bengal of their own. it might not end well for your other pets!

Caring for your Bengal

Cat lovers interested in getting one of these gorgeous kitties should know that their exotic-looking coat doesn't mean they require any specialized care. Bengal Cats are a larger house cat that needs activity and love. Other than their love of water (watch your fish tanks and put the toilet seat down!), Your Bengal doesn't require any care that you wouldn't give any other domestic cat. Depending on which generation of Bengal you've purchased, you may want to consider a grain-free diet for your pet. This isn't required but has become a standard in the Bengal community. Some pet owners also prefer a raw food diet. Bengal is a more active breed. So if you prefer a more mellow cat, this may not be the one for you. That being said, if you are a cat owner who loves to play and enjoys spending time with your cat, this may be a perfect fit! Bengal cats love to be around their humans and have even been successful in being leash trained. It's recommended that Bengals are kept as house pets who get to spend structured time in the outdoors with their owners, rather than being outside pets. If you're looking for a beautiful pet that is exciting, adventurous, and will keep you entertained (or on toes!), a Bengal cat may be just the cat for you.