We all love our pets and we want them to do the same thing, so that's why we will talk today about a list of 7 thing cats hate every cat owner need to avoid.

Number 1. being lonely 

for a cat to grow healthy you should give it enough attention and love as a homeowner a lonely cat will develop feelings of lethargy sadness and depression therefore these effects can deteriorate your cat's health and well-being even if your work schedule's tight it's important to set aside some time to give your cat enough company if you can't manage this habit you'll need to adopt another cat.

Number 2. dirty litter boxes

 a cat's litter box should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis the rate at which you should clean your cat's box depends on your cat's bathroom habits and the number of cats recently due to high technology, it's a great idea to invest in a self-cleaning litter box a cat owner should consider changing litter after two weeks this is essential because your cat will be healthy and resistant to disease-causing organisms.

Number 3. spoiled foods 

cats hate spoiled or stale food because they're sensitive to odor smell also, spoiled food can lead to illness thus increasing your maintenance costs due to medication stale food contains bacteria such as stereophonic caucus and salmonella these bacteria grow in spoiled food because the food has been exposed for a long duration of time therefore it's important for a cat owner to double-check the expiration date on both dry and wet food consult the right veterinarian before introducing something new to your cat the likes and dislikes of a cat depending on the age activity level and breed can vary.

Number 4. loud noise 

loud noises from fireworks arguments and thunderstorms can stress your cat in the long run chronic stress leads to various health and behavior issues such as depression hair loss skittishness aggression overgrooming and lack of appetite therefore it's important to limit your cat from loud noises.

Number 5. car rides 

cats will be happy when they have their own territory also, they like to have a specific routine therefore cats hate changes car rides are a form of change that commonly leads to an unhappy kitty the main reason why cats hate car rides is that they're prone to motion sickness in addition car, rides can make your cat vomit due to anxiety.

Number 6. aggressive petting 

aggressive petting may impact your cat's mood in the short run if you pet your cat too harshly it will use its claws to prevent further petting the main reason why your cat will be unhappy is that aggressive petting triggers a fight response within your cat due to overstimulation.

Number 7. certain smells 

there are various smells that cats hate for instance cats hate smells from plants like eucalyptus thyme lemon lavender and geranium also cats dislike smells from deodorants soaps pine pepper citrus scents and banana some of these smells may negatively impact your cat's health and well-being.