Hi everyone, and Welcome to Your blog Brightmonde, Today we have for you guys 5 Tips To Train Your Cat To Use The Litter Box and Why Should I Adopt A Cat? 

Number 1. let your kitten get acquainted with the litter box 

the first time you bring the cat home to set your new friend in the litter box and allow the cat to explore it sniff it and overall familiarize herself with it what's more it's extremely important not to change the position of the litter box after you've introduced your cat to it this might confuse your kitty.

Number 2. set your cat in the litter box after every meal 

after your cat is just eaten place him in the litter box so that he understands that this is the place where he has to urinate on top of that if you notice that your kitten looks like he has to go or is looking for a place to pee pick him up and place him in the litter box immediately.

Number 3. reward your kitten every time he uses the litter box

every time your cat uses the litter box on his own give him a treat this will make your new feline friend understand that he's doing something right and will continue doing so what's more using such positive reinforcement will help your kitty associate using the litter box with good behavior and will make your cat use it more frequently.

Number 4. don't punish your kitty for mistakes 

everybody makes mistakes especially small kittens if your cat doesn't make it to the litter box or pees somewhere else don't scold him or hit him this will scare your kitten and might make him Rebell in In addition to that your cat might see the litter box as the reason behind you shouting at him making it even more difficult to teach him an indoor cat behavior.

Number 5. make sure the litter box is always clean 

another important thing is to make sure that your cat's litter box is always clean to ensure that you remove everything after each visit your cat mate since cats are very clean animals your may not use the litter box at all if he sees that it smells and isn't clean enough conversely make sure not to over clean the litter box with strong chemicals it might cause allergies and rashes as well as completely repel your cat from using the litter box if you followed these steps closely and pay attention to your cat's patterns and routines you will notice your new kitten using a litter box in no time just make sure not to scold your kitty if he makes a mistake this won't help and might even make the learning process harder.

Why Should I Adopt A Cat?

Now friend let's jump to the answer to this question right now.

Number 1. There are useful

Cats are great hunters of rodents. In rural areas where it is normal to have rats and even rats, animals that are sometimes quite unwanted. Rodent feces and fleas can cause serious diseases and various contaminations, as well as bites and scratches that can infect us with anger. A cat or two is the perfect army for any rodent invasion. The first reason to provide a cat, in this case, is because they can be very useful in chasing away unwanted tenants. However, you may have some disgust when you realize that cats and mice have become best friends.

Number 2. They can adapt to any home 

Even in a small apartment, the cat stays in any corner and does not cause the same work as other pets. They do not need to walk or evacuate their needs outside the home. As we know, Rain or Shine, Dogs absolutely need to do their Physiological needs outdoors. In other words, the second reason for adopting a cat is more comfortable living.

Number 3. They have emotional independence 

Emotionally cats are not as complex as other pets. Among dogs, for example, are breeds with a very strong sense of group and the fact that they are alone. At home is a terrible thing because they feel left out of their group when the inhabitants of their home go out to work. Most cat breeds do not suffer from this type of stress, They do not feel abandoned. Some breeds of dogs are very susceptible to this feeling of abandonment. The german shepherd and Boxer are examples of breeds that hat to be alone.

Number 4. Excellent food self-control

Another great advantage that cats have over any other pets is that they self-control their food intake. You can leave for a week or 10 days (We do not recommend doing this at all), But if you leave enough sand, water, and food in several containers when you return home you will find everything in order. Always try to avoid this situation, but if you have no other option, it is always better to leave two cats than one alone. This way they play with each other.

Number 5. Effection

Few animals can show their affection like cats. In this chapter, dogs are also very well rated, as they are very affectionate. Parrots, fish, rabbits, and a multitude of other pets, are not able to interact and show with great intensity the affection towards the humans of their familiar surroundings as dogs and cats do daily.
The fifth good reason to adopt a cat is that they can get o thrill with the two displays of affection and affection.