Hello everybody, welcome back to your Blog Brightmonde, do you feel like your kitty loves you, or does it feel like they simply tolerate you. We all love our pets and we want them to do the same thing, so that's why we will talk today about a list of 12 Sure Signs Your Cat Trusts You.

Number 1

They want to be with you when you are working on your project your cat jumps up on your desk and demands your attention, when you are taking a nap on the sofa your cat jumps on the sofa and lays right next to you, and when you go into the bathroom, your cat follows you in. although cats are independent creatures they will still seek affection from you from time to time your cat wants your company, and they enjoy your presence they feel very comfortable around you this is a clear sign of trust, and affection wow good job your cat must really like you.

Number 2

They rub against you, a cat's cheek and paw produce a special pheromone unique to each cat they use this scent to mark their territory or possessions when your kitty rubs against you they are not only showing their love and trust towards you.they are also claiming you to be part of their family.

Number 3

They show you their belly if your cat shows you their belly while lying down on the ground congratulations, it means they feel very relaxed and they feel like they can let their guard down around you, the belly is the most vulnerable part of a kitty's body if they're exposing their weakest part of their body to you, that means they trust you completely remember however domesticated deep down your cat still has that survival instinct that kept their species to survive to this day, for example, they hate water and they like to climb to the highest place they can find. and of course, they would never show their weakness to anyone in the wild so it's really saying something when they show you their belly and go against their instinct showing you their belly is one thing letting you rub their belly is another thing entirely most cats don't like it when someone rubs their belly it makes them feel very vulnerable but each and every cat is different, so be sure to read their body language and their tone of voice before you rub their belly or you'll get some new scratches on your hands.

Number 4

They purr at you cats purr for a variety of reasons from being happy to see you, to expressing concerns generally though cats purr when they are content and feel good about their life in case you had any doubt if your cat purrs next to you. you can be sure she's showing her love for you.

Number 5

They need you before they are, cats they were kittens as kittens they need to stimulate milk production from their mother, it's a natural behavior all kittens share this trait sometimes carries over into adulthood when your cat needs you she remembers the safe happy feeling she got while needing as a baby, and now she wants to share that with you so the next time your cat needs you you'll know it's because you are like a mother to them.

Number 6

They lick you, when a cat licks you she is trying to teach you how to groom yourself, it is a real sign of affection cats will also lick each other to calm each other down.

Number 7

They raise their tail, cats can send all sorts of different messages with just their tails in fact, their tale is one of the primaries ways they show their emotion, and state of well-being one a simple way to know if your cat trusts you are if her tail stands up straight or the tip is slightly curved especially when she sees you or walks towards you it's almost like a thumbs up in cat language.

Number 8 

They stare and slowly blink at you, has your cat ever stared at you and slowly blinked their eyes it's not, because they are sleepy it's because they are showing you they love and trust you if your kitty stares at you then slowly blink it is an extreme sign of affection this is like your cat blowing you a kiss in cat language, and if you slowly blink back your kitty will understand that you love them back how does your cat show their love, does your cat do any of these.

Number 9

They nip at you, does your kitty bite you sometimes it hurts you don't get mad because nipping at you is another way your cat is saying that they love you they are playing with you playing in this way is in their nature though the show of love can sometimes be painful for us, they don't understand their nips can hurt us, due to the fact that their skin is tougher than ours but make no mistake when they playfully bite you or even scratch they are saying that they love playing with you.

Number 10 

They eat food out of your hand if a cat is famished he might have no problem snatching food from a stranger but usually, cats won't take food from a human's hand unless it is someone they trust very much cats are cautious creatures, and they don't take treats easily from a stranger's hand unlike many dogs so if a cat does eat snacks or treats out of your hand it's a sure sign they trust you.

Number 11 

They bring you dead animals, they can't for some cat breeds hunting is still very much essential, and it is in their nature to hunt even for a domesticated cat their hunting instinct will always be there they bring you the dead animals, they hunted as a gift to show you how to survive in the world because they consider you like family, and there is nothing wrong with showing family how to get fed.

Number 12

They sleep with you, it's late and it's time to sleep you find an uninvited guest sleeping on your bed purring, and twitching in their sleep as you try to get the cat off the bed you realize you just can't do it some cats even consider it their bed and they are sharing it with you although quite playful and active during the day, when the night comes some cats sometimes like to sleep with their owner when cats sleep they are in their most vulnerable state, so if your cat wants to sleep with you then heck yes this is a clear sign of complete trust, they see you as their protector and guardian they find the scent on your bed comforting and consider it to be extremely safe when they are at their most vulnerable.